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"I have to tell it because I was in awe of what I witnessed today. If you follow me on Facebook you know I am a juicer and pretty much a healthy eater. I wanted to take my healthy lifestyle a step further and FINALLY found a natural doctor. Funny thing my Bishop had mentioned him years ago but I never acted on the information. Well I made an appointment and finally went to see

King Mason, N.D. today and all I can say is OMG! This guy is so amazing that I was in awe and not much these day shock me. This guy was able to read my hands, my eyes, my tongue and ears and tell me what I was dealing with and he was right! I do not recommend a lot outside of healthy eating, your credit and faith in God but if you never hear anything I say ever in life please hear me. If you are dealing with any sickness or disease in your body do not stop until you can go see this guy. I think I eat great but he told me things I should not be eating (hurt my feelings because I really liked that fish) but God is good and he is faithful to put people in my life to help me and I will listen have surgery he has your answer. Men with low testosterone, prostate problems go see this man he will change your life. If you have high blood pressure, diabetes or The word says we perish for lack of knowledge. You have the answer now it's up to you what you choose to do with it. I am so glad I finally went to see him that I want to help save a life or 3. If you, high blood pressure or diabetes and cannot get any relief from conventional medicine I want to personally pay for you to go see this guy. He will give you a plan of action and a diet you must follow. If you are not willing to make a complete change please do not apply. This is for anyone who is sick and tired of killing your body with conventional medicine that has masked your condition rather than cure it. If you are interested please inbox me and be willing to post your progress along the way. May God bless you and keep you healthy, healed and made whole. #TrustGod"

Marcia, Houston, TX

“ … my blood sugar was through the roof. I was on 2 different types of medication, and none of them was working. I heard about Dr. Mason through a friend. I called him and his team. He change my lifestyle and today my blood sugar is controlled and lower than it’s ever been. I am feel better than I have felt in years...”

Brenda, Houston, TX

“… Dr. Mason was truly a god-send for me. I was on the edge about to give up because I just could not get my body together. I went to Dr. Mason and he and his team helped me grab a hold to my life again!

Gwen, Houston, TX

“… After years of doctors and medicine, I thought I would just have to live with High Blood pressure for the rest of my life. My average blood pressure was 190/110. I saw Dr. Mason at a conference and stopped by his booth. He told me my issue was not hard to solve i change my diet. He gave me some of his supplements and not only did he help me with my blood pressure but it also gave me energy and helped me rest better. Now my B/P average is 125/80.…”

Robert, Dallas, TX

“… I live a very busy life. By the middle of the day, all my energy is gone. I tried 5 hour energy shots, and other energy ads with very little help. Dr. Mason showed me simple things I could do to help save energy and he gave me one of his supplements for energy, and now at the end of the day I have more energy than I know what to do with…”

Ruby, Huntsville, TX

“… Dr. Mason, Dr. Mason, Dr. Mason! I was taking over 50 pills a day for so many things that was going on in my body. Dr. Mason not only helped me with my illnesses i made a lifestyle change he also gave me supplements to help clean out my kidneys and liver from years of prescriptions…”

Mary, Houston, TX

“…I thought that my hair loss was caused by my family DNA. So while talking to Dr. Mason about my sugar, I made mention to my hair loss. Dr. Mason took care of the blood pressure issue, but I was even more amazed that my hair began to grow again from his hair growth supplements. He helped me make lifestyle changes that I could see in my health with in days…”

Ronda, Houston, TX

“… I just knew that my love life we over. The desire for love making was none existent and my body wouldn’t cooperate when the desire was there. I used one of Dr. Mason’s enhancement products, I haven’t felt so alert and ready since my 20’s…”

John, age 55, Tyler, TX 

“…My love life wasn’t over but is was boring. I would get to the place where I would just rather not because I wasn’t being satisfied. Dr. Mason’s Passion, brought back my passion…”

Janice, age 42, Houston, TX

“…I work in a very high stress environment. When I would get home from work the noise from my day would have me so on edge that I could not spend time with my family. Dr. Mason and Alternative Therapy gave me some of his stress supplements and now I can handle even my most stressful days with ease…

James, Houston, TX

“…My weight was always been a problem area for me. I don’t eat a lot but when I do eat it seemed to go straight to me hips. Dr. Mason’s helped me to reach my weight loss goal in less time than I thought…”

Bonita, Houston, TX

“… My doctor told me that I was a risk for a heart issues due to my cholesterol being so high. He had me to change my diet to help lower my cholesterol but it was to no effect. My church member had the same problem as me and I went to Dr. Mason, who gave him something that brought his cholesterol low. I got the same thing Dr. Mason gave him and when I went back to my doctor, he then asked me what I was using. On my next visit I told me that he sent to see Dr. Mason his self…”

Roy, Lake Charles, LA

“…Dr. Mason’ changed my life. I had heart, liver and kidney problems. Well I did say had…”

Charles, Houston, TX

“…Prostate cancer runs in my family. So when I became 50 it became a real concern of mine. I heard on TV a doctor saying how important it is to do something about your prostate health. So I went to see my doctor and found that I was already having prostate issues. My brother referred me to Dr. Mason who gave me some of his prostate supplement and today me and my prostate is very happy…”

Jimmy, Houston, TX

“…I had been to my last doctor’s office. My money was so low that many times I had to choose medicine or food. I heard someone talking about Alternative Therapy & Nutrition Clinic, so I called. A just from an over the phone consolation, I was sent what I need. I saved money and my illness was handled…”

Peggy, Houston, TX

“… I am not one to take a lot of medicine, nor do I like going to the doctor, so when I had problems getting rest and going to sleep I looked for an alternative way that was more natural. Dr. Mason put me on his formula for sleep and rest and now rest is no problem for me!

D’Wayne, Galveston, TX

“…I had heart attack about 2 years ago. I began to feel the same way I felt when I had my heart attack. I called Dr. Mason. He advised me eating healthy making foods become my medicine and now my heart is back to its healthy state…”

Linda, Victoria, TX

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