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Dr. King C. Mason Jr., N.D., M.S., D.D., CTN

Alternative Therapy & Nutrition Functional Medicine

     ...We have been located in North Houston for over 22 years Alternative Therapy & Nutrition Functional Medicine is dedicated to helping people achieve a life style of health and wellness. It is our desire to see our clients come to know wellness and healing through the use of natural supplements without fear of side effects.

     We are dedicated to health and wellness Naturally! Founded by King C. Mason, Jr. Alternative Therapy & Nutrition Functional Medicine has helped thousands come to know health and wellness through strategies, advice and supplement programs. We offer a line of services to help meet you at your place of need. From phone consultations, office visits, health & wellness seminars, classes and supplement programs, Alternative Therapy & Nutrition Functional Medicine is here to serve you... 

     Dr. Mason is a Naturopath and a Certified Traditional Naturopath(CTN). He has earned membership in the Houston Wellness Association, and is a Diplomat of Integrative Medicine. Registered Naturopath, Washington D.C., Board Certified AMNA, Board Certified AAMA, also a Fellow of Integrative Medicine.

     Dr. Mason has dedicated the last 20 years of his life to the medical profession, explicitly to the Naturopathic field. He is uniquely educated in Natural Medicine, which often has excellent scientific rationales and far safer results than popular pharmaceutical synthetics. He formulates quality products which are packaged under his own private label.

     He has found Energenectixs, Inc. an up and coming nutritional wellness center for women to naturally treat and support healthy living for a rainbow of women. He also serves the Houston Community through various community service projects, and committees. His passion for health and wellness is demonstrated through Alternative Therapy & Nutrition Functional Medicine... 

Understanding Functional Medicine

Functional medicine is a holistic approach to health and wellness that allows the human body to maximize its own innate healing powers. It looks for the underlying source illness that may consist of several factors which, over time, can allow disease causing toxins to build up in the body.

Restoring the body with functional medicine is done through detoxification, rebuilding the digestive system, strengthening the immune system and alkalizing your body through diet, to support the proper pH, one of the most important foundations of health.

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