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Health Tips


'Diabetes'', destroys organs, namely, eyes, kidneys, heart, limbs, and your LIFE. Alternative Therapy and Nutrition staff can customize a protocol designed specific for the blood sugar without side effects. Lifestyle change exercise will help do the job. Your life will not be compromised by Diabetes and bad lifestyles.

To my clients: Remember if you are taking Collagen for muscle and joint pain, take Collagen with orange juice not water.

Orange juice activates it faster.

Our natural treatment: for diabetes can integrate well with prescribe medication without side effects incorporation lifestyle changes and supplementation. Quality of life is important to all. Never stop taking prescribe medication without consulting your primary care physician .

Parasites: a nasty word!! However, we have them, but getting rid of them is not easy. Stomach and Colon parasites can lead to cancer and many deadly diseases. Watch my blogs, I will tell you what symptoms to look for and how to get rid of these nasty parasites...


"A QUIET KILLER": that some times could be the last thing you think of when you have stomach bloating, constipation, diarrhea, hair falling out, anal itching at night ,and maybe, having to go to the bathroom 10, 20, or 30 minutes after eating. Remember this, all veggies and fruits should be wash thoroughly, including meat and fish, also eating Raw Sushi could be unhealthy. It can be at least 7 different types of parasites that effect each organ of the body, COLON, Being the worst. Overweight or under weight could be symptoms. When dieting, you should address detoxing for parasites first...

Probiotics should never be used while parasite detoxing. Parasite eggs hatch every 21 days so detoxing is imperative. Some antibiotics have been known to increase the problems. Parasites defecate and die in the body leaving it toxic and lethargic feeling lack of energy, SO See a qualified natural doctor for help in getting to the root of the problem. THE LIFE YOU SAVE COULD BE YOUR OWN. Call our office for appointment we can help you.. NEXT Blog TRICHOMONIASIS A PARASITE that could cause Cervical cancer.Check out our website

Healing belongs to you ...a gift from God and a blessing to be in perfect health. Information pertaining to health is another blessing. Do not ignore it. Your body is your Temple keep it clean.

HEALTH TIP: Be very careful of drinking green tea with high blood pressure medication. On certain medication green tea can cause high blood pressure medication to not be absorb into the bloodstream as seen in a clinical study.

Health Notes: Want to lose weight? Dr OZ stated in one of his articles that Garcina Camborgia extract also called HCA, researchers claim it can double or triple one's weight loss and may be great for emotional eaters. Those that participated in a study showed an increase in serotonin levels, hence, improved sleep patterns.. HCA may also suppresses appetite by increasing serotonin. Garcina Camborgia may improve mood and suppresses the drive to react to stressful situations with food as you eat less, your body senses this and release stored fat.TAKEN FROM DR.OZ ARTICLE. Our office carry 900 mg, A high potent HCA that may work for you. Let us know if you would like to try HCA. Call the office at 281-587-8191. Educating you about your health.

Garcina Camborgia ...combined with B-thin appetite suppressant may burn fat and get the weight down, remember don't eat lose weight.

For those of you that have been having trouble sleeping:

Depression, hot flashes, emotional disorders, ADHD, insurances will not pay for neurotransmitter testing. Contact my office for more information. 281-587-8191. FREE TEST KIT. We do not diagnose treat or cure any disease. Nutritional consulting only. ...Keeping you healthy naturally. Look out for information coming soon on a hidden danger in the body that won't let go... best, -Dr M

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