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Fat Cavitation Helps You Get Your Shape and Confidence Back

If you have stubborn fat in thighs, stomach, lower back and/or buttocks

area or have love handles, fat cavitation is the best solution for you. It is a non-invasive procedure, which requires the application of ultrasound energy at safe levels on targeted areas to reduce localized fat. We, at Alternative Therapy and Nutrition, offer fat cavitation treatment, which helps you, get back your body shape and confidence. Our treatment procedure helps to break down stubborn local fat tissues under the skin to provide the desirable results quickly.

Fat cavitation is a safe and effective treatment based on low frequency safe ultrasound energy. The ultrasound energy in the form of heat and pressure wave breaks fat cells under the skin easily, as the fat cells do not have the structural ability to withstand the vibrations. The ultrasound energy breaks only the fat cells, leaving the muscular, vascular and nervous tissues. This helps to provide instant fat loss benefits.

Benefits of Fat Cavitation

  • In order to undergo fat cavitation treatment, anesthesia is not required. It is a painless, no-scar treatment procedure. It is a safer alternative to liposuction.

  • Fat cavitation is effective in reducing cellulite, a condition that affects women aged above 20, regardless of whether they are slim or obese.

  • It helps reduce the volume of fat tissues.

  • It helps to shape and contour your body.

Along with Radio Frequency, Fat Cavitation procedure helps promote realignment of collagen, so that your skin will be tightened and toned. Hence, you will not get wrinkles in the areas, where the fat levels are reduced.

Some Important Things to Know

We offer fat cavitation treatment in a very comfortable manner. You may experience a little warmth while getting the treatment. If it turns too hot, you can inform the professional giving the treatment. Some extra ultrasound gel will be applied to reduce your discomfort. You may experience thirst immediately after the treatment. Drinking plenty of water after the treatment can help resolve this problem easily.

Our fat cavitation treatment will provide immediate results. You may need to continue the treatment for 2 to 5 sessions to sustain the achieved results. We believe that this treatment will improve your physique and confidence. Our fat cavitation treatment offers long-lasting results. Most of clients experience 2 to 8 cm of circumference reduction after the first session.

It is Important to drink 1.5 liters before treatment and 3 liters afterwards for best results. Otherwise, this could affect your desired results. Do not drink alcohol for 48hrs after, as this slows down the liver and can affect treatment.

Fat cavitation treatments cannot be used if you have any metal implants in your body, have a pacemaker, are pregnant or breast feeding, have kidney problems, gall stones, cancer, or have tumors. If in any doubt, please consult with your doctor first. This is a very safe procedure, only if you do not have any of the mentioned.

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